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Úterý, 28 Květen 2013 18:03

FAA releases final rule on two DC T-routes

The west T-route in the FAA's Washington, D.C., Class B airspace is poorly designed, while the east route is considered beneficial....
Úterý, 28 Květen 2013 07:54

AOPA offers family flying tips

With warmer weather moving in, it is the perfect time to take a family trip. Some tips from AOPA's Pilot Information Center (PIC) will help make it safe and enjoyable for everyone....
Úterý, 28 Květen 2013 07:43

Calif. glider flying club's dues cover flight training

The Associated Glider Clubs of Southern California (AGCSC) is a winch-launching flying club that offers training to new pilots as part of the standard membership dues....
Pátek, 24 Květen 2013 16:03

IFR Fix: Busting beneath the shelf

Sometimes it's unavoidable: If you want to get where you're going, you must file IFR. At other times, it's a choice between convenience (VFR) and certainty (IFR). Then how will you play it?...
Čtvrtek, 23 Květen 2013 18:03

Fresh reports of aircraft searches, CBP has little to say

AOPA coverage of general aviation aircraft searches conducted by federal officials prompted similar reports, but the government has yet to explain the practice....
Čtvrtek, 23 Květen 2013 14:03

Army to align new restricted airspace with chart cycle

The U.S. Army will delay using new restricted airspace in Virginia until the Washington sectional chart is published, which will include the new areas....
Čtvrtek, 23 Květen 2013 14:03

Public meetings set in Oregon as Air Force considers SUA

Potential changes to military airspace in several parts of Oregon could affect general aviation pilots, who are being encouraged to weigh in....
Čtvrtek, 23 Květen 2013 14:03

Cuba makes changes to overflight permit fees

Changes in how Cuba processes and charges for overflight permits will directly affect general aviation pilots....
Čtvrtek, 23 Květen 2013 11:03

Phoenix company plans to offer aviation autogas

Phoenix-based Airworthy AutoGas has announced plans to produce and distribute a high-purity, low vapor pressure, ethanol-free, 93AKI, premium unleaded auto gasoline this fall....
Čtvrtek, 23 Květen 2013 08:50

Huerta calls on aviators to take care

FAA Administrator Michael P. Huerta has written a letter to the general aviation community calling for care, caution, and training as the summer season begins....
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